Greatlakes Air

Air Dryers & Filtration Systems In Los Angeles And Tri-Counties Area


The quality of air in your compressed air system can have a significant impact on how well it functions. Compressed air that is properly treated will enhance your system and increase efficiency, productivity, and its process quality. At A Compressor Service, we offer a wide range of air dryer and filtration systems to help you improve your compressed air quality. Our drying systems are able to remove both water and impurities from the air, leaving it much cleaner than before it is treated.

Our air dryer and filtration system brands include:

  • Domick Hunter
  • Parker/ Zander
  • Pneumatech
  • Tsunami Filtration
  • Zeks

The staff team of A Compressor Service has extensive knowledge in this field, and can provide expert recommendations on what products and manufacturers work best for you. We can create clean air and protect the investment that you have made in your air compressor system. Trust the professionals at A Compressor Service.  Call our Staff today in Los Angeles or Tri-Counties Areas at (805) 583-3276 or (818) 787-6262 to learn more about our service and maintenance  and sales.