Arrow Filters

Oil-Water Separation Products In Los Angeles And Tri-County Areas:


The local water quality board requires companies to remove hazardous waste from their water before discharging it. Our line of oil-water separators are designed specifically for that purpose and can help you avoid costly citations. At A Compressor Service our expert staff team can help you with all of your questions and make recommendations on what system may be the right fit for your business. We also have service and maintenance and sales for all our products.

Our oil-water separator manufacturers include:

  • Pneumatech
  • Arrow Pneumatics
  • Parker/ Zander
  • FS Curtis
  • Palatek
  • Zeks

Being environmentally-friendly doesn’t have to bust your budget. Trust our team to provide you with the affordable solutions you need. If you are in the Los Angeles or Tri-County Area and looking for a cost-efficient and effective way to treat the hazardous waste in your water, call A Compressor Service at (805) 583-3276 or (818) 787-6262 today! You can speak with one of our friendly representatives to find out if our oil-water separators are the right fit for your business!