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Vacuum Pumps In Los Angeles And Tri-County Areas:

You might think of a vacuum pump as the opposite of an air compressor. Rather than blowing air into a given space, a vacuum pump removes air, thereby creating a vacuum. There are a wide range of commercial and industry applications for vacuum pumps, and there are many different types of pumps available. Some vacuum pumps are used to vacuum-seal food, while others are used to remove gas from a certain area. Regardless of what you plan to use your vacuum pump for, A Compressor Service will help you find the appropriate model.

Compact and dependable, vacuum pumps are a common product choice for those working in wood shops, glass shops, and the medical industry. At A Compressor Service we proudly offer an extensive line of vacuum pumps from top-quality brands. If you are looking for a product that is both durable and efficient, this may be the perfect choice for you. We also offer service and maintenance, sales for all our products.


Vacuum pumps can be used to remove gases or liquids from certain areas, and they can also be used to power mechanical devices. Here are just a few vacuum pump applications that may be relevant to your business.

  • Wood Shops: Vacuum pressing and vacuum clamping can make various woodworking tasks a lot easier. The right vacuum pump can work wonders for veneers and lamination. Whether you work with wood professionally or as a hobby, a good vacuum pump is a good tool to have.
  • Glass Shops: A vacuum pump is also good for adding a vacuum coating to glass. For example, a lot of glass companies use vacuum pumps when crafting low-emissivity glass for energy-efficient windows.
  • Medical Setting: Vacuum pumps have a number of medical applications. Radiotherapy and other medical practices involving radiation rely on vacuum pumps. Any medical process that involves suction also uses some type of vacuum pump.


Of course, not all vacuum pumps operate in exactly the same way. Here’s a brief rundown of the vacuum pumps available from A Compressor Service.

  • Rotary Vane: A rotary vane vacuum pump displaces air with its rotating rotor. These types of vacuum pumps can be used for everything from clearing refrigerant lines to assisting with large-vehicle braking.
  • Liquid Ring: A liquid ring vacuum pump operates much like a rotary vane pump, except a liquid ring pump uses churning liquid to create a seal. One common application for liquid ring pumps is making paper pulp products.
  • Oil-Free: Like many machines, some vacuum pumps rely on oil for proper function. However, it’s possible to purchase an oil-free vacuum pump, which requires less maintenance than the oil-using models.

Our vacuum pump brands include:

The types of vacuum pumps we carry include

  • Rotary vane
  • Liquid ring
  • Oil sealed
  • Water sealed
  • Full recovery
  • Partial recovery
  • Also available in oil free
  • With trusted manufacturers, affordable prices, and great service from our  staff at A Compressor Service, why go anywhere else? Enjoy the reliability and low maintenance associated with our inventory of vacuum pumps. You can have your business running better than ever! If you are in Los Angeles or Tri-County Areas call our office today at (805) 583-3276 or (818) 787-6262 for more information. Speak with one of our team members about the vacuum pump products that we offer and how they can help your business!